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sâmbătă, 22 octombrie 2011

Hedgehog - Counsellor of God

Who knows spikes nice live ball coming out to walk slowly to watch tonight? It is one of the first animals that we contact since childhood, is a ubiquitous figure in fairy tales, stories, and new cartoons. Beyond the first impression, the hedgehog is an animal of the fascinating, with an interesting life and a very important role in ecosystems to which it belongs. But, beyond the mythology was absolutely amazing and strictly zoological information, you (re) discover a cornered animal and increasingly endangered by reckless human actions. Hedgehogs need to survive! Without them the world would become poorer and fall and lose the charm ...

Portrait of genial sympathetic (Powered by Gageni)

Probably no other living thing is so associated with autumn classic image - a leafy forest lăstăriş golden or leaden skies, and not necessarily a hedgehog at the point of going slowly through dry leaves .

His silhouette is unmistakable prickly and his rare appearances always arouse our sympathy instant curiosity coupled with a primary childhood. But the hedgehog "our" - species that live in November - is not only representative of this group.

Zoologists have identified so far a total of 17 species of hedgehogs, grouped into five types.
the great family of hedgehogs has members scattered all continents except the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, Antarctica.

In November the country lives a distinct species, different from common hedgehog, European, respectively roumanicus Erinaceus , first described in 1900 by British zoologist Gerald Edwin Hamilton Barrett, who studied several hedgehogs captured near the town Prahova Gageni. According to renowned zoologist The main differences between hedgehogs "Romanian" and the species E. europaeus are that our hedgehogs have nose darker, more rounded head and darker stain lack of V-shaped, European hedgehogs which starts from the eye to tip of the snout. They, in turn, a spot characteristic whitish color in the chest. Species Erinaceus roumanicushas 5 distinct subspecies, living in Poland, Austria, the Balkans, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, to the River Ob. Subspecies of us is called Erinaceus roumanicus roumanicus.

Later his description, due to differences of opinion between various zoologists, hedgehog from us was considered as part of the species Erinaceus europaeus, Erinaceus concolor then until genetic data in May recently argued that his employment roumanicus Erinaceus, distinct species, confirming the view by Barrett-Hamilton in 1900.

At first sight, because his body shaped like a pear, an animal seems slow and cumbersome, although, once started hunting, proves an unexpected speed and strength. Can run even with the speed of 10 km / h, performance notable for an animal the size and conformation and especially body proportions of the hedgehog.

Hedgehogs have the chiţcanii distant relatives, and "design" their race was a great success in mammalian evolution scenario. paleontologists who studied hedgehogs ancestors found that appearance has changed very little over the past 15 million years.

Mature hedgehog has a body length of 25-30 inches, plus a defect of only 2-5 inches. Males are slightly larger than females.
Without being a large animal in Romania, is found in many regions - in the plains, wetlands, hills and mountains. Inhabit deciduous forests, bushes, lăstărişurile, mărăcinişurile and even gardens. A significant number of hedgehogs living in the Danube Delta, some higher areas, with dunes and forests.

Previously classified as a member of the order Insectivora, hedgehogs are now included in a distinct order - Erinaceomorpha.
Not at all like animals strictly insectivorous, although insects are an important part of their diet. Rather they are omnivores declared! hedgehog is a great lover of insects (adults and larvae), earthworms - after which it melted - frogs, lizards, snakes, corpses, eggs and young birds that nest on the ground, but fungi, fruit forest grass. It is a great lover of melons, either yellow or green, which it uses the same pleasure.

Hedgehog is one of the animals spend the winter hibernând. Before hibernation, which usually starts in October (or September, when autumn has proved rough year), enough to double its weight by accumulating fat.

Since summer eating too much to get into optimum condition to enable it to hibernate until March-April, it becomes active again. Hibernation takes place in a burrow subternă, cold and blizzards in winter shelter. Hedgehog couch is always lined with a thick layer of dried leaves, with the role insulation. It is very clean hole, hedgehog as a lover of cleanliness. When you go into deep hibernation, all his body's physiological functions slow down their pace considerably.

The number of respiratory movements decreased to only 6-8 per minute to 40-50 breaths per minute recorded when awake and active. When you are out fierce frost, porcupines can not breathe at all for short periods of 5-10 minutes. Heart rate changes a lot, down from 240-250 contractions per minute at only 20-24.

Immediately after leaving hibernation, hedgehogs have one thing in mind: sex!

Mating takes place in April-May and gestation is 25-28 days Romanian hedgehogs. The results appear in the form of 2-7 chickens, not exceeding 5 cm long, covered with fine hairs trupuşoarele and soft, which will later become characteristic spines.

Less than a month after their arrival on the world, babies begin to explore the surroundings, following his mother in her wanderings. Three months are independent, but will become sexually mature until over a year.

Of biological mysteries hedgehogs

, Hedgehog is naturally a solitary animal and independently in the wild. However, it is easy to tame.These features, coupled with that arouses sympathy, meant that hedgehogs now become some of the most popular pets in Western countries. Also there appeared the so-called "hedgehog farms", where fans can buy these animals put to official acts, following the same procedure as when you want to buy a pedigree cat or dog. -For their size, hedgehogs have a surprisingly large life. If such live 4-7 years in captivity conditions and careful management can reach 10-16 years. If you have hedgehogs in the garden and want to leave food at night, leave them fruit, meat or nuts. In any case milk or milk products. Although much like milk, proved that invariably produces a form of severe diarrhea or even death. Hedgehogs are quite noisy, and communicate more by snoring, squeaks or whimper. -urchins have a degree of natural immunity against venomous snakes bites in our country are the biggest enemies of vipers. The secret lies in a protein in their muscles, called erinacină. It was found that hedgehogs can withstand a dose of up to 5 grams of potassium cyanide, a huge amount for an animal the size of the hedgehog. -In captivity, hedgehogs make friends quickly with dogs and cats.

-In kind may be observed especially after rain, when digging easier by earthworms, large hedgehogs culinary delicacies in the world , is a nocturnal animal, having, during the 24 hours, three distinct periods of activity: one between 18 to 20 hours the second after midnight, between 1-2, and last almost dawn, between 4-6. Day is hidden in thickets, under tree trunks or in their own lair. -A natural enemy of his is great Buha (Bubo bubo), bird of prey that night, with its large size and length of claw, can easily kill a hedgehog. On the list of natural enemies, are foxes, wolves and ferrets. (Hedgehogs exotic hot regions are attacked and mongoose.) , unfortunately, are often killed or tortured by children in rural areas, which stings him with sticks, "playing" football with them or simply burn them alive to "entertain" ... -urchins can be seen as often lick their spines, researchers are still unable to discern the point of this behavior. According to some theories, hedgehogs disguise their own scent so when venturing into unfamiliar territory, and their saliva has some degree of toxicity and stings received such predators are more painful for them. - hedgehogs can climb trees, climb walls or fences and even swimming excellent, although not necessary strength and endurance crossing a river or large lake. -Hedgehog is one of the most useful animals for agriculture. One hedgehog clean garden insect pests, consuming only one night about 200 grams of larvae, beetles and other insects.-urchins and humans suffer from many diseases and common diseases. Hedgehog and her poor suffering cancer, liver or cardiovascular disease. Fatty liver is a common condition, as prefer to feed on foods high in fats and sugars. Opinion of those who keep them in captivity! Hedgehogs transmit human and a skin infection with a fungus. This parasite is caused by Trichophyton dermatofitoză erinacei. urchins that consume insects contaminated with pesticides before the people come to have digestive problems and often die.

-Urchins were of old, an important food source in many cultures. Were eaten in Ancient Egypt and the European medieval cuisine recipes preparation met hedgehog. Bedouins have always appreciated hedgehog meat, considering an effective cure and prevention of rheumatism and arthritis treatment. -nomadic Gypsies have long eaten meat hedgehogs, using blood and fat of these animals for medical purposes. Manfri ethnologist Frederick Wood describes in his work entitled "In the Life of a Romany Gypsy" published in 1979 as a way gypsies were cruel, but effective blood collection of hedgehogs. The unfortunate animal was kept standing upside down, then is cut nose; the hedgehog died writhing and struggling to, and the blood drained into a container. , somewhat comical question about "how porcupines have sex" without the male to hurt the thorns on the back of the female, he found the answer from the studies and laboratory experiments. When mating, the male penis, which is located in the abdomen, is not injured during the process because they turn very much female tail and tank up. spines or life! certainly the most important attribute of the hedgehog his spines remain. They are nothing but extremely specialized hairs. There are actually modified hairs, hollow due to the large amount of keratin stiffened in their composition.

Hedgehogs have an average of 5000-6000 spikes, point back, neck, nape and sides of the body.

Spines are not poisonous and do not have finely toothed edges like those of the porcupine, therefore, can be removed easily from wounds. If it is stressed or ill may lose hedgehog spines.
Hedgehogs have a unique ability in the animal kingdom.

Due to the specialized muscles are able to ghemuiască very much, until you take the approximate shape of a sphere. Extends range of hedgehog skin, covering the head and exposing all the spines in this position for defense, are oriented outward.

In the face of imminent danger, hedgehogs take urgent form of sphere and remain so until the danger passes. However, spines are not the only means of defense. According to recent studies, it appears that hedgehogs like to run and hide when they are attacked, rather than remain in place, crouched position feature.

Demiurge modest

present in many fairy tales and stories, hedgehog, as a character, actually hides much older mysteries, being found in many cosmogonic myths and legends. Occupying an important place in mythology Persian traditions hedgehog appears in Turkic peoples of Central Asia.

For Buri, hedgehog is născocitorul advisor fire and people listening to him, redesoperă Sun and Moon. He is also responsible for the invention of agriculture, is therefore an important civilizing hero.
In many Indo-European cultures, the hedgehog is a central figure in the cosmogony.

Its symbolism is always linked to the beginnings of the world, and its spines sore is caused by fire, and even about the origin of the Sun. Paradoxically for a night and chtonian animal par excellence, was charged hedgehog and especially the solar hero, based on visual similarity between the astral heaven, with its bright rays, and small animal aşijderea surrounded the sphere of spikes.

Solar hero, the hedgehog has, however, chtoniană side, highlighted by researcher Maria Gimbutas.So, hedgehog, with his underground lair and his custom to huddle was a symbol for the people of Paleolithic mystery of the matrix and women.

In the interesting and original great-Romanian mythology, the hedgehog has also cosmogonic role par excellence.

Q n our primordial myths, hedgehog participates with God (Fart) and Devil (Nefârtat) the hatching of the world. Here he is propelled into the role of "engineer" of Creation. Like if primordial Indo-European myths, Asian or African, and new hedgehog is a carrier of supreme creative intelligence and even a surprising ethical. He is the one that puts order in the days and prevent incest Sun Moon, delivered as fresh world forged by weight of a primordial sin.

Discover unexpected role therefore involved in the hedgehog's help gods in the world urzirii. Indeed, in some myths, creation of the world God is wrong, or is the lack of inspiration. Salvation comes from meticulosul and intelligent hedgehogs who, through various messengers animal (most often, bees), comes with the right solutions to end the world.

We find him in the roles of mediator between day and night, between land and water between surface and depth, between order and chaos, between norm and deviation, acting like a catalyst for harmonizing opposites and normalization rhythms of nature.

Like any pre-Christian deity goals, hedgehog owner and guardian of wealth is land. Share this role with the snake but, unlike the reptile which only keeps the treasures, but the hedgehog is a keeper of secrets of the earth element. It is a magical plant that can overcome disease and death, and even tools and technologies created by humans. The same plant has the gift to open the doors of Heaven, and one hedgehog is one who knows her secret.

Female counterpart to "aricioaica," is a repository other mysteries. According to a recently popular belief, if someone close aricioaicei offspring in a locked room with locks, their mother walks by the Grass Find more coveted beasts, a magical herb that only she can find and reach the locks and bars only, they open by themselves. More than obvious reasons, the grass was sought especially beasts of thieves, of LOTR, the convict and outlaws.

With or without its fascinating symbolism, remains the same elf's autumn hedgehog, whose appearance and day delight us.
Love him and protected him whenever you meet!